Enlil, chief commander on Earth.

Enki, lord of the waters.

Ningishzidda, Son of Enki. Master of the occult. Born on Earth. 

Ninurta, son of Enlil. Champion warrior of Enlil. Born on Nibiru.

Ninhursag/Ninmah, half sister of Enki and Enlil. Mother of Ninurta, fathered by Enlil. Surrogate mother of Adamu, the first hybride between Anunnaki and chimpanzee. 

Ereshkigal, Queen of Irkalla in South Africa. Granddaughter of Enlil, mother of Ningishzidda together with Enki. Inanna´s sister.

Anu, king on Nibiru, father of Enki, Enlil and Ninmah.

Marduk, oldest son of Enki, born on Nibiru. Father of Asar, Satu and Nabu toghether with human female Sarpanit.

Inanna. Born on Earth. Daughter of Nannar and Ningal. Syster of Utu. Mother of Shara and Lulal.

Inanna`s name in cuniforms.


Inanna in old Uruk, nowadays Irak.

      The symbol of Ishtar/Venus and Inanna.

Inanna on her throne instructing a human.

Enki-Ea, holding the first "civilized human", Adapa, who later became father of Ka-In och Abael together with his wife Titi. Notice the high and pointy hat, always with seven segments, showing that he is one of the twelve, significant Royal Anunnaki. The symbol of Nibiru is seen up on the right.
I am personally a happy owner of a copy of this unique clay tablet. 


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The Lost Book of Enki, the story that started it all toghether with The Twelth Planet by Sitchin.